Levels of Audience Targeting Available for Ad Experiences

There are several levels of targeting in Terminus Ad Experiences that you can use to build audiences for display advertising tactics: whole company, departmental, seniority, and custom title targeting. Having different levels of targeting granularity allows Terminus customers to decide whether they want to stay at the broadest level and target an entire company, or drill down deeper and only target specific departments and/or senior-level decision-makers within specific departments.

Levels of Targeting

When setting up a new display advertising tactic, users will be able to select their targeting options on the "Audience Targeting" page of the setup process:


Department: Department or function-level targeting can be set up directly within the Terminus platform as a step when creating an advertising tactic. We use a combination of cookie sources and technologies to create 27 functional groups specifically designed for B2B audiences. This is a good option for customers who want to deliver function-specific messaging into different departments within their target accounts, and who are also targeting companies that have greater than ~200 employees. 

Seniority: This option targets manager-level and above within the selected department(s), or across the entire company. Unlike our custom title targeting option, seniority targeting happens behind the scenes at the job level or function, and is not based on specific job titles. Filtering the data in this way ensures that we don’t leave out key decision-makers, particularly at larger companies where a manager can have significant decision-making power. This is generally a good option for customers that are targeting companies that have greater than ~200 employees. 

Company: With this selection, customers can target all available cookies, across departments and seniority levels, within their target account list. This is generally a good option for customers targeting accounts with less than ~200 employees. 

Expand to Whole Company: Customers also have the option to select our "Expand to Whole Company" feature when creating a tactic. 


If a customer has selected "Yes" for this option when creating their tactic, a "waterfall" effect will take place when searching for cookies for their target accounts. For example; if no cookies are found with the seniority filter for either the selected department(s) or the entire company, Terminus will automatically expand to target all individuals in the entire selected department. If no devices are found using the previous two filters (seniority and department), Terminus will expand to target the entire company. (Note: Terminus will not automatically expand to the entire company unless you select that option when building a tactic.)


This is a good fail safe option to have in place to ensure we are able to reach as many of your target accounts as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Seniority Targeting and selecting the C-Suite and VP departmental options?

The C-Suite and VPs selections allow users to target all the C-Suite or VP-level individuals in the entire company while ALSO targeting entire department(s) (e.g., Sales, Marketing). Seniority targets cookies for managers and above within each department you choose. This allows your tactic to reach manager-level individuals in selected departments without having to target managers in other departments. Using these selections in tandem ensures reach of manager-level (and above) cookies in departments you select, such as Marketing and Sales, as well as C-Suite and VPs in every other department.

How do I know which level of targeting was used?

Because targeting capabilities within Terminus are flexible and happen at the account-level, there are three ways to view which level was used for each account. All three of these indicators are visible within each tactic.

Tactic Settings

In your tactic settings in the Tactic Details page, you will see the levels of targeting that you selected for the entire tactic.


How does Seniority Targeting impact my ad spend?

Implementing deeper levels of targeting within Terminus tactics will reduce ad spend, especially in larger accounts. Instead of targeting an entire department or company, you can use Seniority Targeting to focus ad spend on reaching key decision-makers.

What departments are available to target?

The follow departmental selections are available within the Terminus platform:


If you have questions about where specific titles may fall within these selections, please contact support@terminus.com.

Can I add or remove targeting levels from a running tactic?

Currently, it is possible to expand targeting within a running tactic, but it is not possible to narrow your original targeting selection. For example, if your tactic is targeting the entire company, you cannot add departments or Seniority Targeting after the tactic has been submitted. If your tactic is targeting at the department level, you can add additional departments once the tactic has been submitted, but you cannot add Seniority Targeting or remove any of the existing departments that were previously selected. You can also go back and select "Yes" for "Expand to Whole Company" after the tactic has been submitted, but you cannot remove that selection. All of these selections can be made by navigating to the "Edit Tactic" link within the Tactic Details page:


If you do wish to make the targeting selections more granular once a tactic has been submitted, we recommend archiving the existing tactic, and creating a new tactic with the desired changes.


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