Maximum Number of Active Accounts in a Display Advertising Tactic

Account-based marketing is about quality, not quantity, and at Terminus, we want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to help our customers see success with ABM. After thorough analysis of our customer base, we’ve found that the most successful Terminus customers run advertising campaigns with fewer than 1,500 companies in each tactic. They’re seeing better results – including higher CTRs, better account progression rates, and more optimized ad spend – because they’re more effectively segmenting their target accounts and delivering messaging tailored to those accounts, their needs, and their stage in the buying process.

Based on these insights, and combined with our efforts to ensure our customers get the best results from their Terminus efforts, we have a 1,500 account limit on all Terminus display advertising tactics.


How does this work when I create a new advertising tactic?

When building a new tactic – whether using the Salesforce rule builder or uploading a list of accounts – Terminus will only allow you to select 1,500 accounts. For tactics using the integration with Salesforce, you will still use the audience rule builder to build your list of accounts. If your tactic has more than 1,500 accounts, you will need to apply additional filters to reduce the number of accounts. If accounts are added to a dynamic segment after a tactic has launched and the total number exceeds 1,500, the new companies will not be shown ads until other accounts exit the tactic.

I'm having trouble getting my list under 1,500 accounts. Any ideas?

Although your target account list might be more than 1,500 accounts, there are several ways you can further separate that list into multiple tactics to better reach your audience:

  • Stage-based campaigns: This type of Terminus campaign contains one tactic for each stage of your marketing and sales process. If you’re using the Salesforce integration, Terminus automatically orchestrates the experience by moving accounts in and out of tactics based on their stage in Salesforce.
  • Tiered account campaigns: Many of our customers have a tiered account system based on factors like fit, industry, revenue potential, strategic value, and so on. They use those tiers to build separate tactics with messaging that resonates with the accounts in each tier.
  • Campaigns based on firmographics (industry, size, location, etc.): Another way to easily segment your accounts is based on firmographic data. You most likely already have information like industry and size in your CRM, so this campaign would include tactics with messaging around specific pain points that a certain industry or company size may face.
  • Predictive signals: Many Terminus customers add predictive technology to their stack to be able to segment by unique criteria such as buying intent or other dynamic signals. Terminus works well with predictive technologies that integrate with Salesforce.

Many customers will combine these segmenting principles to ensure their ABM program performs well. For additional ideas on different ways to segment your accounts for more targeted Terminus advertising campaigns, check out this article.

If you have any questions about setting up and monitoring Terminus tactics, please contact or reach out to your Terminus CSM.

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