Advanced Progression Reporting in Terminus Engage (Salesforce Users Only)

Terminus Engage customers taking advantage of the Salesforce integration have an enhanced view of account progression within the dashboard for all campaigns and tactics. If you're unfamiliar with how to set up a progression rule using the Salesforce integration, check out this video.

By leveraging the Salesforce integration, Terminus users can see how many engaged accounts completed the desired progression action and the potential revenue for those accounts. This gives marketers a more holistic view of the impact Terminus tactics have on pipeline creation, velocity, and revenue contribution.


The information in the gray box shows how many accounts you’ve targeted, matched, and engaged as well as the potential revenue for those accounts. You’ll also see how many tactics you have within that campaign, how many accounts are within each tactic, and the audience criteria for that tactic.



Using information pulled directly from Salesforce, the blue box shows the percentage of engaged accounts (accounts that have been served at least one ad) that progressed to the next positive stage, how many of those accounts progressed, and the revenue value of those progressed accounts. You’re also able to drill down even further to see how many accounts are in each stage, the revenue value per stage, and the average velocity for each stage.

(Note: Velocity will not be available in this release, but is on the roadmap.) 

How do I use this feature? Advanced progression reporting gives you, the marketer, the information you need to better report on and communicate the results and ROI of Terminus to the rest of your organization. It allows you to see true ABM success metrics for each campaign and/or target account: pipeline generation, account progression, and impact on revenue. Here are a few ways to use advanced progression reporting to show success across your organization.  

  • For C-Level/Executive Sponsors: bird’s eye view of how many accounts progressed and the revenue value of those accounts.
  • For Sales: overall view of how Terminus campaigns are impacting target account engagement and progression through the sales process.
  • For Marketers: view of overall campaign performance as well as the ability to drill down into each individual tactic to see what’s working and what’s not.

If you have any questions about Advanced Progression Reporting, please email or reach out to your CSM. 

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