How to Set a Per-Account Spend Limit for Terminus Tactics

What is a Per-Account Spend Limit?

As part of our continued effort to maximize your ad spend with Terminus, we’ve introduced the ability to set a per-account spend limit for all accounts in a tactic. This will allow you to decide how much you're willing to spend on any given account in a tactic, set the spend limit based on that budget, and that same limit will be applied to all accounts in a tactic. (Note: this feature does not allow you to set a spend limit on just one account. The same limit will be applied across all accounts in a tactic.)

Setting a per-account spend limit ensures that all accounts in a tactic are receiving impressions by spreading your budget more evenly across accounts. This also eliminates the ability for larger accounts to take up the bulk of the budget.

How to Set Up Account Spend Limits

To set a per-account spend limit for a tactic, reach out to your CSM. He or she will work with you to identify the right spend based on the desired reach and impressions, overall budget for the tactic, and the size and number of the accounts in the tactic. Once your CSM has set the spend limit in your Terminus account, the automated optimization process will go into effect and there’s no additional effort required on your end. Moving forward, every new tactic you create will inherit the same per-account spend limit. If you’d like to change it or add a per-account spend amount to an existing tactic, you must contact to your CSM.

How it Works

If your per-account spend limit is set at $100 per account for example, as your ad spend for that account gets closer to the $100 limit, the rate of ads served will gradually taper off until it reaches $100.
(Note: due to the nature and volume of real-time bidding for ad placements, a per-account spend limit does not guarantee an exact spend amount or number of impressions served and may go slightly over the per account spend limit.)

Your CSM will help ensure your budget is set to help you hit your goals around engagement and intensity of advertising, while also maximizing your ad spend.

If you have any questions, please contact or reach out to your CSM.


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