Top Row Metrics will only be visible to customers using the Terminus Ad Experiences integration with Salesforce.

If you have both Salesforce and list-based (CSV uploaded) Terminus ad campaigns running, "Engaged Accounts" will include both types of campaigns, but "Opened Opportunities" and "Won Deals" will only reflect the accounts in the Salesforce-integrated campaigns.


For customers leveraging the Ad Experiences integration with Salesforce, the Ad Experiences Dashboard will display key account-based metrics summarizing the overall impact of Terminus campaigns on target accounts across their entire engagement journey. 

These metrics make it easier to show the influence of Terminus campaigns on the most important outcomes for account-based marketing, including engagement, website visits, opportunities created, and closed-won deals. The link below each metric leads to a report on the specific account details for the given metric.

Engaged Accounts


This section shows the total number of accounts (all-time) that have been served at least one impression from a Terminus ad tactic. Below the total number of engaged accounts, overall spend is displayed for all Terminus tactics. This provides a holistic view of the scale of your Terminus campaigns and tactics.

Click on the "Engaged Account Details" link to see all accounts that engaged with your Terminus tactics, which campaign and tactic they’re in, and aggregate advertising results including reach, impressions, clicks, and spend. This report can also be exported as a .csv file.



Note: This report displays each tactic in its own row with the associated account, so there will be more rows in this report than the number of accounts since many accounts may be in more than one tactic. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to your CSM.

Why this matters: Engaged Accounts highlights which accounts were shown ad impressions from Terminus, the intensity of engagement (i.e. impressions and clicks), and the budget required to drive that engagement. This section provides a baseline of who was engaged and answers some of those more tactical-level questions such as media spend per account.

Visiting Accounts


Account-Based Visitor ID shows the number of accounts that engaged with a Terminus campaign and have had at least one person from that account visit your website. Deeper metrics around account website visit behavior are accessible in Account-Based Visitor ID section of the platform. Learn more about Account-Based Visitor ID.


Why this matters: Account-Based Visitor ID helps you measure how Terminus ad campaigns and other ABM efforts impact traffic to your website. Tracking web analytics by account provides deeper insight into that specific account’s engagement and behavior. Online research is a strong predictor of key outcomes such as opened opportunities and winning new business. Also, Account-Based Visitor ID shows accounts that are engaging with your site but are not in a Terminus tactic, surfacing new accounts to target.

Opened Opportunities


This section represents the number of new opportunities opened from accounts that have engaged with at least one Terminus tactic and also shows the total value of those opportunities. Since this number is tied to Salesforce data, this will only show opened opportunities that are part of a Salesforce-integrated Terminus ad campaign.


In the Opened Opportunities Detail Report, you will be able to see each account with a newly opened opportunity, the ad metrics associated with that account (Note: This will show all-time Impressions and Clicks numbers), and the Salesforce information about the opportunity such as the name, owner, and value. This report is exportable, which means you’re able to further filter the data in Excel. The exported report will also include the Salesforce ID of the opportunity to enable you to import into Salesforce, cross-reference with other Salesforce data, and build reports and dashboards in Salesforce with Terminus advertising data.

Why this matters: Instead of measuring leads (or MQLs), best-practice for ABM is to focus on business outcomes such as sales opportunities created. This report provides insight into Terminus’ influence on opportunity creation. The detailed report allows you to drill into the Terminus advertising engagement for each target account in which an opportunity was opened.

Won Deals


This section shows the number of opportunities won in accounts that have engagement with at least one Terminus tactic and the value of those won opportunities. Just like Opened Opportunities, the number and value of Won Deals are also pulled from Salesforce data, so it will only have information on accounts within a Terminus campaign using the Salesforce integration.


Similar to the opportunity report, the Won Deals Detail Report shows the influence Terminus had on winning each account, including the intensity of ad engagement through impressions and clicks, spend, and other key information about the opportunity such as date won, value, name, and owner. Again, this report is downloadable, giving you full access to analyze as needed. Similar to the Opened Opportunities report, the exported data will also include the Salesforce ID of the opportunity to enable you to import into Salesforce, cross-reference with other Salesforce data, and build reports and dashboards in Salesforce with Terminus data.  

Why this matters: Tying Terminus influence and spend to closed-won deals is a good way to show ROI on your ABM advertising efforts. With B2B marketing and sales, there are a variety of touchpoints from both teams that lead to winning new business. Thus, marketers need to articulate the influence their efforts had on closing a deal and the budget required to the sales and leadership teams. Displaying results that are directly tied to revenue at the top of your Terminus dashboard helps you easily see that information and share it with your team.


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