How to Launch a Display Advertising Tactic


To launch a display advertising campaigns through Terminus, you must have the Engage product as part of your subscription.

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Getting Started

Tactic and Campaign Structure in Terminus

 In Terminus, a campaign is a group of one or more tactics that share a common identifying factor or goal. A tactic is what allows you define your unique advertising audience, delivers your creative set(s) to that audience, and allows you to set specific budgets for ad serving, etc. For more on the campaign and tactic structure in Terminus, check out this article.

Whether you’re building a brand new campaign or adding a new tactic to an existing campaign, you’ll start off by clicking the “New Campaign/New Tactic” button, which is accessible on all of the main sections of the Terminus Engage navigation. You’ll then be directed to the Campaign & Tactic Builder.




After clicking on the "New Campaign/New Tactic” button, you will navigate to the Create Campaign page. From here, you can choose the type of campaign you wish to create:

  • Display
  • Retargeting
  • LinkedIn
  • Global


Building Your Campaign 

Step 1: Naming Your Campaign / Tactic & Selecting Audience Source

Once you have clicked into the Campaign/Tactic builder, you can begin creating your new campaign/tactic, as well as select your audience source. The settings on this first page include:

  • Create new campaign - This will allow you to launch a brand new campaign, with new associated tactics. You’ll begin building the first advertising tactic within that campaign in the next step.
  • Add to existing campaign - This will give you the option to add a new tactic to an existing campaign. Once you select an existing campaign to add the tactic to, you will have the option to create a new tactic. If you would like to copy a tactic from an existing tactic, please go back to the previous page and select the "use the old Campaign Builder instead" link.
  • Campaign Name – Enter the name of the campaign that the tactic you are building will be a part of. Generally, a campaign name will be more generic, and will help define the overall goal of the associated advertising tactics. For example, "Q1 Demand Gen - Key Verticals."
  • Tactic Name – Enter a name for your tactic. This is typically different than the campaign name, and will help you identify separate tactics within the campaign. For example, "Technology Vertical - Marketing Personas."


On this first page, you'll be asked to identify the audience source for your target account list. Audience source determines where we'll be pulling in your target account list information from, and may vary based on your advertising strategy and/or technology stack.

Depending on your feature access, you may see several options under "Choose your audience source." A list of all of our available options and integrations for this section can be found here, and more information on these integrations can be found under the Integrations and Configurations section of this knowledge base.

Customer's that have access to the Terminus Account Hub can also leverage saved account lists and global filters to build their advertising audience.


Feature Note

Once a tactic has been submitted, you will not be able to change your channel or audience source selections.

Step 2: Audience Selection

In this article, we'll walk you through the steps for leveraging two of our primary audience source options - Salesforce and .CSV list upload.


If you select Salesforce as your audience source, you’ll use the Salesforce audience builder, (available via our Salesforce advertising integration), to create rules that will identify your target accounts in Terminus. When building your list of accounts, keep in mind that there is a maximum of 1,500 active accounts that can be in any one tactic at a given time.


You can build your audience from the Campaign, Lead, Account, or Opportunity objects in Salesforce. Using standard or custom Salesforce fields on these objects, you can create rules to build your list of accounts to target. As data changes in your Salesforce instance, the audience will automatically update in Terminus via our nightly sync.

For example, if you target Opportunity accounts where "Stage = Demo," then all the accounts in the Demo Stage will be brought in from Salesforce and will be part of your targeted account list for that tactic. As the Opportunity Stage of other accounts is changed to "Demo," new accounts will be automatically added or removed.

Feature Note

When using Salesforce as your audience source, an account that moves to an "Inactive" status (due to changes in audience source rules and/or progression rule), will not be moved to an "Active" status again. For this reason, the of use highly dynamic fields (re: fields that are updated regularly), like "Lead Status" or "Engagio Minutes" is not recommended for this integration. Customers that have access to the Account Hub, however, can leverage dynamic field functionality when using Account Hub as their audience source.

The Salesforce audience builder operates on Boolean logic, meaning you have the ability to layer on different Salesforce audience criteria (via "IS/IS NOT," "TRUE/FALSE," and "AND" operators) to get down to your desired list of target accounts.

Once you have your audience set, you will also have the option to define progression rules, under the "Account Progression" section. A progression rule will dictate, based on changes made in Salesforce, when any one account should stop seeing ads in that tactic. You can set a progression rule to capture positive forward movement in the marketing and sales process, rather than having to turn accounts off manually.

For example, if you are targeting accounts where "Status = Net New", you might want to set the progression rule to "Created Opportunities >= 1" to capture all of the accounts that are converted to new sales opportunities from that tactic.

Feature Note

Once a tactic has been submitted, you will not be able to edit your Salesforce audience rules.

.CSV List Upload

If you select the list upload option, you will be prompted to upload a list of accounts in a .CSV file format that is less than 10,240kb and contains fewer than 1501 rows. You will need to ensure that there are two header columns included in your list:

  • "Company Name" that contains all of the names of the accounts you wish to target.
  • "Company URL" with all of the websites associated with those accounts.

You will also have the option to manually input Company Names and URLs. If you have any questions about formatting your Excel file for upload, please contact your Terminus CSM or




Feature Note

After a tactic has been submitted via a .CSV list upload, you can upload an additional list, or manually input additional accounts. To do this, navigate to Tactic Settings > select the secondary, green "Edit" button, located just above "Department" settings > and go to the "Audience Selection" page (second page on tactic setup).


From here, you'll be able upload more accounts via CSV, or manually input new accounts.

Note: Uploading a new list, or manually adding new accounts, will not override or impact your current tactic list.


Step 3: Audience Targeting

On this page, you define which personas within your target accounts will be served ads from this tactic.



First, you will select the specific department(s) you wish to target; you'll also be given the option to target the whole company. Within the department options, Terminus also provides the option to target the C-Suite and VPs. Selecting one of these two options will target the C-Suite and/or VPs across all departments in the company, and is not impacted by other department selections. Any specific department selections will include personas from the C-level and down. Selecting both "C-Suite" and/or "VPs" with additional departments will neither negate nor duplicate any personas included in any of your selections.

Next, you will select whether you want to target all people within the selected department(s) or use Seniority Targeting. Learn more about the levels of targeting in Terminus in this article.

Lastly, you will choose if you wish to expand to the entire company if Terminus cannot find at least one cookied device to target based on your previous selections. If you select "Yes, expand to company", Terminus will expand to the whole company only if we cannot find any cookied devices at the seniority and/or department level. If you select "No", Terminus will not expand to the entire company, even if it cannot find any cookied devices at the seniority and/or department level.

Step 4: Budget & Duration 

In this step, you will input additional information to control the spend and run time for your advertising tactic.


  • Budget – You are required to select a daily budget for the tactic, and you also have the option to set a total budget. You can also set a per-account spend limit on each tactic. To do this, or to get recommendations on budgeting, contact your Terminus CSM or reach out to Both daily budgets and total budgets can be adjusted, at the tactic-level, at any point while your tactic is running.
  • Duration – You have the option set a specific end date for your tactic, or you can let it run "indefinitely," which means the tactic will run until it is paused or archived. Note: If you set a total budget and a specific end date, your tactic will stop running based on whichever setting is reached first.

Feature Note

You will not be able to go back and add an end date or overall budget once a tactic has been submitted. You can, however, adjust your overall budget and end date at any time after a tactic has been launched.

Step 5: Creative Upload

On this page, you will be able to upload ad creative files and associated landing page URLs. You will have the option to either upload new creatives, or re-use existing creatives from your Ad Library.


Upload Creative
- With this option, you will upload all the creative files for the different ad sizes you wish to use directly from your computer. Check out our Ad Creative Guidelines for more information on our recommended and supported ad sizes, as well as accepted file formats. You will also be asked to include the destination URL for each ad, which is the landing page you want people to direct to when they click on the ad. Note: We support the use of UTM parameters as well as custom tracking URLs.


Browse Ad Library 
– To use ad creatives that have been previously uploaded, click on "Browse Ad Library." From there, you will be able to search and select ads from your Terminus Ad Library. The ads can be filtered by name and size and can be sorted by newest/oldest (date uploaded).


Step 6: Review & Submit

In this last step, you will have the option to review all your selections, including the name of the campaign, the audience and targeting options, and other settings such as budget and ad creative, before you submit your tactic.


Once you've reviewed all of your settings, hit the "Submit" button - and your part is done! After submitting, your tactic is sent to Terminus to be reviewed and launched. The review process includes the matching and data validation process conducted by our in-house advertising operations team, as well as verification and approval from ad networks. This process can take up to 3-4 business days to complete, depending on the time of day your tactic is submitted.

Additional Settings: Discard Tactic and Create a Draft

At the bottom of every page of the Campaign / Tactic Builder you will see an option to "Discard Tactic." This will allow you to discard/delete the tactic you are currently building.




  • Cancel – Selecting "Cancel" after clicking on "Discard Tactic" will cancel the request to discard the tactic.
  • Confirm – Selecting "Confirm" will confirm that the tactic should be discarded, and a draft of your tactic WILL NOT be saved.


You are also able to save a tactic as a draft in order to revisit it at a different time. Navigating away from the page while creating a tactic will automatically save the tactic as a draft. You will then be able to see your tactic in ‘draft’ status in the Campaign Overview page.

If you have any questions about launching a Terminus campaign, please reach out to your Terminus CSM or contact



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