Key Terms and Definitions in Terminus

We want to ensure that everything in the Terminus platform is clearly defined, so here’s a list of the most common terms within our platform and what those terms mean.

Targeted - the number of unique accounts pulled in through Salesforce instance that meet audience rules or the number of accounts in an imported list.

Matched - the number of unique accounts that Terminus was able to match given the cookies we have available in our database (matching upon company name, URL, and finding specific departments selected if applicable).

Engaged - the number of unique accounts that have been served at least 1 ad (1 impression).

Progressed - the number of unique accounts that have transitioned to the next positive stage or status in your sales process, or any stage/status that would denote success within your ABM strategy.

Campaign - a group of multiple tactics that share a common identifying factor or goal.

Tactic - delivers one set of creative to a given audience with a set progression rule. There can be multiple tactics within one campaign.  

Revenue - the dollar value of the opportunity associated with a target account in Terminus pulled in from a Salesforce instance.

Velocity - the amount of time it takes for an account to move to the next positive stage in your sales cycle. (impressions + (clicks * 4000)) / (target_running_time / campaign_running_time) / reach

Persona-based campaign - a Terminus campaign focused on targeting specific personas at target accounts. (i.e. marketing, C-level, IT operations, etc.)

Stage-based campaign - a Terminus campaign focused on targeting accounts at different stages in your sales cycle.

List-based Terminus campaign - a Terminus campaign created without the Salesforce integration where the audiences are built via CSV upload of company name and URL. Targeting and ad serving with these types of campaigns are no different. However, campaigns not using the Salesforce integration will not have the ability to have campaign audiences update dynamically according to certain rules and will not have the ability to see high-level progression metrics (created opportunities, closed-won deals) from the campaign and dashboard view, as well as specific progression movements on the tactic level.

Reach - the number of unique cookied devices Terminus was able to match, pull in, and target based on your audience rules.

Active - the number of accounts that are currently being served ads.

Inactive - the number of accounts that are not currently being served ads.

CTR - click through rate (ratio of impression to clicks)

CPC - cost-per-click; this is the cost or cost-equivalent paid per click-through. A $5-$15 CPC is about average. These numbers are highly dependent on audience makeup and creative.

CPM - cost per thousand impressions

Campaign Statuses:

    • Pending - the campaign is not yet live and is either pending ad approval, company validation, or waiting for creative.
    • Completed - the campaign is no longer running as the set end date has passed.
    • Budget Exhausted - the overall budget for the campaign has been reached. This means the campaign has stopped running and additional budget would need to be allocated to the campaign for it to begin running again.
    • Running - the campaign is currently active and running.
    • Archived - the campaign is no longer running and is removed from the main dashboard. Campaigns are archived rather than deleted in order to keep the dashboard organized without losing the data for that campaign.


If you have any additional questions about what any of these terms mean, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email us at Also, please let us know in the comments if there are any additional terms in the platform that you'd like to see defined here. 

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