Campaigns and Tactics in Terminus

In order to allow our customers to think more strategically when creating Terminus campaigns, we made a couple small changes to the terminology. What you currently know as "Campaigns" will become Tactics in the new release, with the new ability to group these Tactics under Campaigns.

Below are definitions of the new terminology:

  • Tactics: For current Terminus customers, tactics are what we used to call campaigns. Tactics deliver one set of creative to a given audience with a set progression rule.
  • Campaign: A campaign is a group of multiple tactics that share a common identifying factor or goal. Campaign reporting shows an overall view of performance across all tactics and gives you a bird’s eye view of how your tactics impact your target accounts.

Here’s a visual to better illustrate this change:

Before release → 3 campaigns


●      Persona - IT

●      Persona - Sales

●      Persona - Marketing

After release → 1 campaign, 3 tactics

Persona campaign

●      IT (tactic)

●      Sales (tactic)

●      Marketing (tactic)


Grouping tactics into campaigns allows for better organization and reporting. Here’s a screenshot of what campaigns and tactics look like after the release.



Below is an example of a campaign with two tactics; one tactic focused on IT Operations personas and one on Marketing personas. Each tactic has its own audience and set of ads, but the campaign view allows you to see overall performance and progression of the accounts associated to the campaign.


(Note: the blue box on the right contains advanced progression reporting and will only be visible on Terminus campaigns that use the Salesforce integration.)

Why did we make this change?

As a marketer, you know there are a lot of different activities that go into the creation and execution of a campaign. In order to be more in line with the way our customers think about creating campaigns, you now have the ability to create a campaign centered around a specific goal, and tactics within that campaign to support the goal. You’re also able to see overall engagement and impact within each of your target accounts no matter how many tactics you’re running in each campaign.

What does this mean for existing campaigns?

After the winter release, all existing campaigns will be transitioned to tactics. This gives you the opportunity to group your tactics into campaigns in a way that make sense to you. Don’t worry - your CSM will be there to help! When deciding how to group your tactics into campaigns, think about the specific goal or purpose of the campaign. The tactics are the supporting activities to that overarching goal.

For existing Terminus customers, there are a few small changes to the workflow for creating campaigns. When you create a new campaign, you’ll be presented with the screen below that has a few new options. First, you’ll be asked if you want to create a new campaign or add a tactic to an existing campaign. This allows you to either set up a new campaign or add a tactic within an existing campaign. 


If you are interested in copying a tactic from an existing tactic, please select to "Use the old Campaign Builder, instead".


If you’d like to see specific use cases of creating Terminus campaigns and tactics, check out our Terminus Campaigns Use Cases article.

Our team is ready to assist you with any of these changes, so please reach out to your CSM if you have any questions.

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